This 8-Month Hair Rehab Plan Promises to Take 5 Years Off Your Face

The road to Gisele-worthy hair is paved with good intentions… and plenty of frustration. Breakage, brassiness, and dullness are all annoying obstacles blocking our way to Instagram-worthy tresses. So, what’s the secret to melted, sun-kissed, surfer-girl hair color? Other than actually hitting up the beach every day (one can dream), the answer is: rehab, apparently.

Johnny Ramirez, one of L.A.’s top colorists and one-half to the duo behind the celeb-favorite Ramirez | Tran salon, told us exclusively that he’ll send some of his clients to “hair rehab” after an initial consultation.

“It’s therapy for damaged and over-processed hair,” he explains. “My rehab program requires real commitment from the client. I need to surrender your hair to me so I can create the most beautiful, healthy, natural hair color for you.”

Surrendering our hair to someone takes quite a lot of trust, so we asked Ramirez to break down his healthy hair program for us. Keep scrolling to find out how to take your hair to rehab.