Healthy Habits to Pick Up Now That Daylight Saving Time Has Started

Daylight saving time is fast approaching, and while we aren’t thrilled about losing an hour of much-needed sleep come Sunday, we are rather excited for the longer days that await us. For ways in which we can take advantage of the brighter evenings in our near future, we reached out to yoga instructor and wellness expert Carolina Russ for some healthy habits to pick up now that daylight saving has started.

Not sure what to do with yourself after months of hibernating from the cold, dreary winter? Russ has given us all kinds of ideas for embracing the outdoors in the later hours of the day as well as tips on how to combat the darker mornings that lie ahead. From waking up with the sunrise to outdoor yoga, there are many ways in which we can get healthy while also enjoying the spring and summer months. For Russ’s expert tips on improving your health come daylight saving time, keep on reading.