3 Nutritionist-Approved Fourth of July Dessert Recipes

Jessica Hagy

Holidays and clean eating don’t always go hand in hand. While we can’t guarantee you won’t be faced with some dietary temptation this Fourth of July (and by all means, indulge if you feel like it)—we can help you add some nutrition to the party mix.

Steer toward options with natural sugar—like fruit skewers—and smart, nutritious additions—like black beans in your brownie batter—for treats that will help you fuel your body and satiate that sweet tooth. Plus, there’s no harm done if cocktails drive your inhibition levels down (it’s America’s birthday, hello) and you indulge in a more than a few of these sweets. And as if that wasn’t enough motivation to head straight to the kitchen, these festive treats are 100% Instagram-worthy. Double tap.

Read on for three Fourth of July dessert recipes that are so healthy, even nutritionists are on board with them.

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