7 Healthy Dinners Fit People Always Eat

Updated 01/28/18
healthy dinner ideas

I feel a bit sorry for dinner. Think about it. Instagram feeds are filled to bursting with images of runny eggs and various iterations of avo on toast. But where are all the healthy dinner ideas? There are the neatly proportioned lunchtime Tupperware containers that boast an organised owner off-camera. But dinner—dinner rarely gets a look in. And I believe there are two good and logical reasons for this.

Firstly, it's hard to get a great picture at nighttime with no natural light. Secondly, most of us are too tired (read: hangry) come evening to artfully arrange food on a plate and shoot it. So what do the fittest people in the UK eat for dinner? Well, it took some Instagram sleuthing, but from eggs and avo in the evening (because why the heck not?) to a veritable rainbow of vegetables, with a little planning you can have dinners you'll want to post on the 'gram. If you can resist eating them first, that is (we won't judge).

Keep scrolling and you'll find seven dinner ideas to inspire your own evening meals.

Quick Curry

Oven-Baked Fish

Grain Bowl

Speedy Pasta

Prawn Plate


Tofu and Tahini

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