The 8 Commandments of Healthy Eating, According to Nutritionists

Being a healthy eater is something we all aspire to, but #realtalk, it's hard to know what that even means. So we asked three nutritionists to define it in their own words. 

According to registered dietitian Lauren O'Connor, healthy eaters "enjoy a well-balanced diet, thrive on whole-food nutrition, limit highly processed foods, and have a healthy relationship with food." Similarly, registered dietitian Jenny Champion says that healthy eaters "choose real food over anything processed, value the quality of food they eat, and have a healthy relationship with food without obsessing over it." Pithily, certified nutrition coach Candice Seti defines healthy eating as "more than a number on a scale."

So now we know what it means to be a healthy eater in the eyes of nutritionists. And we're on board. But how do we get there? Read on to learn eight ways to become a healthier eater, both mentally and physically, according to nutrition experts.