A Delicious Dessert That Won't Derail Your Beach Diet

Hi, Byrdie readers! It's your trusty trainers Karena and Katrina back for our latest column. Today, we're sharing our favorite healthy dessert that won't set you back from your fitness goals. We have a big sweet tooth, and dessert is something we could never live without. We don't want anyone to have to give up the things they love (dessert being one of them), because then it just backfires and you end up feeling shame and guilt—which aren't productive when it comes to honoring your body and living a happy and healthy life. Instead, it's just about making dessert an experience and putting together a healthier version of a favorite treat, so you're still nourishing your body while simultaneously indulging. Even better? The cookie in question has just three ingredients, so it doesn't involve any complicated steps or tools. Keep scrolling to see the recipe!