Tonight's Cocktail Options, Ranked

Okay, okay, so we all know that our happy-hour habit isn’t exactly helping our waistlines. However, we’re way more tempted to imbibe an extra-decadent cocktail this time of year (when we’re armored in layers of denim, knits, and wool) than when we’re ordering from the swim-up bar and wearing, well, close to nothing. With tempting holiday drink menus around every corner (and the hordes of other cookies, cakes, and sweets that taunt us on a daily basis), it’s easy for any previous amount of self-control to get thrown out the window. Yes, you can (and should!) have your favorite holiday brew, but simple calorie awareness—along with some balance and moderation—is key. So, go ahead and savor that eggnog martini; just skip the greasy mozzo sticks, yeah?

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