A Top Nutritionist Shares the #1 Breakfast for Boosting Your Metabolism All Day

Updated 10/10/18

A 2015 Time article spotlights the decline of cereal sales in the American market. On the surface, a 4% drop in annual cold-cereal purchases suggests that more Americans are foregoing breakfast. This is partially true: 15% of Americans choose not to eat a meal in the morning, but the reason cereal boxes are collecting dust on grocery store shelves is because more people are opting for healthier meal options. Sad for Tony the Tiger and Count Chocula, good for our bodies.

"Consumers are increasingly seeking products that match their personal definition of real food, and that can mean foods that are less processed and have simple labels with recognizable ingredients," General Mills Chairman Kendall Powell said at an investor conference. But with a shift toward eating fresher, cleaner foods for breakfast, Americans also want ease. Something quick and portable, unlike a sit-down bowl of cereal and milk. A piece of fruit or a whole-grain English muffin sound like solid options, but in a perfect world, what's the optimal morning meal?

According to Keri Glassman, founder of nutritiouslife.com and spokesperson for Fairway Market, the best meal to eat in the morning isn't necessarily a fast grab-and-go option, but it will rev your metabolism all day long. She recommends an egg scramble (don't leave out the yolk!), sautéed greens like spinach or kale cooked in coconut oil, and a pinch of cayenne. The protein in whole eggs (egg whites lack the nutrients found in the yolk) makes you feel fuller longer and helps your body repair itself; the greens provide necessary vitamins and minerals as well as help with hormonal balance; coconut oil is full of medium-chain triglycerides that help you utilize good fats optimally; and the cayenne helps to slightly boost your metabolism.

It may not be portable, but it's painless and can be meal-prepped for the week ahead.

metabolism-boosting breakfast

There are so many reasons to not skip breakfast: It helps boost your energy, aids in improved cognition and memory, and gives your body the fuel it needs to carry on throughout the rest of the day, especially in terms of making you feel more satiated so you don't binge come lunchtime. And by choosing a meal rich in protein and good fats (two key components of a good meal, according to Glassman), your day will be off to a nutritious and calorie-burning start. 

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