Is Fruit the New Enemy? The War on Sugar and 10 Other Wellness Trends to Watch


Free People

Just when we thought our collective obsession with all things wellness had peaked, 2017 decided we weren't even close. In fact, it might be more accurate to say 2016 dictated this unstoppable uptick—last year battered our psyches in way too many ways, so it's only natural that we feel the urge to treat ourselves with extra care.

With this in mind, it's already shaping up to be a banner year for health and fitness, especially as we note a shift from fad to real substance: Unsustainable (and unhealthy) strategies like juice fasts and punishing detoxes seem to be on the way out as subtle but effective practices like journaling and mindful eating make their way to the forefront. But that's just our general overview on what we can expect—for specifics, it only made sense to turn it over to an array of knowledgeable experts with various backgrounds.

Below, you'll find wellness trend predictions from fitness gurus, nutritionists, healthy food bloggers, and more.