Everyone You Know Will Be Trying This Health Trend in 2017


Without Walls

Whether we're on the hunt for a look to wear out tonight or we want to know which smoothie recipe will really lead to a flat belly, we always make a beeline for Pinterest when we're in need of ample beauty inspiration. It's for this reason that we always eagerly await the site's annual Pinterest 100 list. The list is a definitive compilation of trends that are sure to take off in the new year, based on the searching habits of millions of users.

This year's edition has just been released, and as expected, it doesn't disappoint. Alongside relatively foreseeable trends like embracing natural hair texture and micro-blading brows, there's a huge array of wellness-geared predictions that even we hadn't anticipated—and that's kind of the point. 2017 is already looking to be an incredibly innovative year for health and fitness.

From a surprising shower technique to ab exercises that actually work, keep scrolling to see Pinterest's top trends.