8 Wellness Tips From Real Women in NY, L.A., and Paris

The act of people watching is a wistful one—it allows your imagination to take hold and, even in a public place, create a relationship with a perfect stranger. Such intrigue inspired the concept behind Passerbuys—a recommendation site for women.

"I would notice myself thinking about interesting-looking passersby, wondering about their personalities, lifestyles, homes, jobs, material possessions; just about anything," says Clémence Polès, the site's founder and creative director. "Where did she buy that bag? I wonder what books she's reading. What kind of music is she into? I wanted to create a website that put the focus back on real people providing inspiration rather than instruction."

In an era of hyper-curation, Passerbuys chooses to focus on the true lives and styles of women across the globe. "We want to build a community where women help one another—offering each other genuine advice, everyday tips, and reliable recommendations," says Polès. "The spirit of the website is rooted in the participants whom we refer to as Passersby: striking, smart, and captivating women."

It's that very same ethos at the core of stories on Byrdie and The/Thirty, wherein we want to feel connected to the products we recommend and the women we feature—allowing for more than just a momentary snapshot of information. So we decided to team up with Passerbuys to highlight the most helpful health and wellness tips from the women they've profiled. Below, find their thoughtful words.