Do You Get Headaches All the Time? Read This


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Headaches are no joke to begin with—and when anything from daily pangs to regular migraines are just par for the course in your life, it can be nothing short of debilitating. But it's also important to note that such frequent pain could put you at more risk for another underlying condition, according to a new study. (We know, we know—as if you needed more bad news to top off your existing aches and pains.)

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which your thyroid gland underperforms and, in turn, doesn't produce enough thyroid hormones—a symptom that can leave you fatigued, scatterbrained, and even moodier than usual. It also impacts weight, menstrual cycles, and hair loss, and according to researchers at the University of Cincinnati, headache sufferers are 21% more likely to have hypothyroidism. For those who suffer from migraines specifically, the risk jumps to 41%.

Even after confirming the association between headaches and thyroid disorders, the researchers on the study are uncertain about the cause. Either way, it's better to stay on the safe side by getting a thyroid screening if those menacing headaches won't leave you alone. On the bright side, thyroid disease is treatable with daily replacement hormone pills and lifestyle changes that could alleviate your migraines as well.

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