Getting a Headache After Exercise: What Does It Mean?


Urban Outfitters

Here's the thing: I like running, even though I'm truly awful at it and it feels kind of torturous while I'm doing it. I guess what I should say is I like running after I've actually completed the run. Maybe it's that runner's high they always talk about or maybe it's just a sense of accomplishment, but I feel great afterward—most of the time. 

On off days, I finish up my run with a headache. Sometimes it's a just faint ache, but other times it's a pounding pain in my skull. I take an aspirin, drink some water, and it fades over the course of an hour or so, but it always left me wondering one question: What gives? Why does it only happen sometimes and why does it vary in severity? According to experts, there could be multiple causes, including what I do (or don't do) before my workout. Keep reading to learn why you get headaches after exercise and how they can be prevented.