Have Hazel Eyes? These 23 Hair Color Ideas Will Make Them Pop

Zendaya with auburn hair

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There's no denying it: Hazel eyes are downright beautiful. The hypnotic swirl of brown, green, gold, and blue, constantly rearranging and shade-shifting to complement its surroundings, is truly mesmerizing. If you have this eye color, know that it contains multitudes, and emphasizing the various tones can only serve to enhance your look.

Looking to really play up your hazel eyes? Consider your hair color. A new look is no small decision, but think of it like a wine pairing for your eyes: With the right shade, you can really make those colors pop. Draw out the flecks of gold, or even bring some blue to the surface—it all depends on the hair color you choose.

To help you find your perfect hue, we consulted Matt Swinney, global creative director for Rusk Hair, and Jeremy Tardo, celebrity hair colorist and editorial stylist. Scroll on for hair color inspo for hazel eyes, complete with proof from your favorite hazel-eyed celebs.

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Beachy Bronde

Hailey Bieber wears bronde balayage hair to complement her hazel eyes

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This beach-ready bronde shade on Hailey Bieber features babylights to pull out both the green and blue tones within her eyes, providing soft definition and sparkle, according to Swinney.

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Dark Auburn

Rihanna wears long auburn hair to complement her hazel eyes

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Before Zendaya rocked her auburn roots (more on that later), RiRi wore a similar hue back in 2017. Somewhere between brown and auburn, this shade brings out the green in hazel eyes and creates a sort of lusty look, Tardo tells us.

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Neutral Blonde with Soft Brunette Roots

Emma Roberts with neutral blonde hair with soft brunette roots

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On their own, both neutral blonde and soft brunette shades bring out a more golden hue in hazel eyes. When used together, as seen here on Emma Roberts, the result is even more striking.

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Warm Auburn

Zendaya with warm auburn hair

Getty Images

Zendaya's hazel eyes are absolutely stunning in this picture, thanks to a little help from her reddish-brown hue. By choosing a warmer shade of auburn, the color complements both the green flecks in her eyes and the warm undertones in her skin, according to Swinney. The fact that her brows are also colored auburn heightens the effect even more.

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Dirty Bronde

Nicole Richie with dirty bronde hair to complement her hazel eyes

Getty Images

Nicole Richie knows a thing or two about making her hazel eyes pop. This dirty bronde color does the trick: The hue gives her eyes a gold-like effect that's seriously stunning.

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Brunette With a Light Copper Hue

Mandy Moore wears copper brown hair to complement her hazel eyes

Getty Images

Mandy Moore has rocked her fair share of brunette-based colors over the years, and this shade from 2019 is one of our favorites. The auburn-copper tinted highlights frame her face while still looking natural and organic. Tardo says warmer hair colors like this create a contrast that brings out the green in hazel eyes.

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Honey Highlights

Tyra Banks wears natural curly hair with honey highlights to complement her hazel eyes

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According to Tardo, honey accents or highlights are a great way to draw from the gold in hazel eyes—and no further proof is needed than this look on Tyra Banks. The honey highlights, along with the barely there auburn undertones, not only make her eyes pop but also add brightness and warmth to her face.

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Dark Chocolate Brown

Lily Collins with dark chocolate brown hair

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A deep, chocolate brown (as seen here on Lily Collins) brings out the green flecks in hazel eyes, especially on someone with fair, cool-toned skin. With this skin tone and hazel eyes, you can pull off countless shades from light blonde to almost-black brown—though you may want to avoid red-based colors, as they can bring out the pink undertones in your skin and make the face look almost blotchy.

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Dark Bronde

Eva Marcille wears locs with dark roots and blonde ends in a twisted updo

Getty Images

While sticking true to her dark brunette roots, Eva Marcille added an ombré with warm blonde and hints of auburn for an ultra-cool set of locs. The mix draws out golden brown tones from her eyes, as well as a pop of green.

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Cream Blonde

Lady Gaga with creamy blonde hair in an updo

Getty Images

A cream blonde—somewhere between those warmer hues and ashy tones—will emphasize the golden brown flecks in hazel eyes, Tardo shares. The shade adds enough warmth to bring out the softer browns and golds in Lady Gaga's eyes while blending in harmoniously with her cooler skin tone.

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Deep Copper Pops

Halsey wears dark hair with pops of copper to complement her hazel eyes

Getty Images

We know darker black-brown hair will bring green to the surface of hazel eyes, but by interspersing pops of copper and auburn throughout her jet black hair, Halsey subtly emphasizes the golden hues as well. It's a great way to draw focus to your eyes without a complete dye job.

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Warm Chestnut Brown

Rashida Jones wears a chestnut brown long bob with bangs

Getty Images

As seen here on Rashida Jones, a warm chestnut brown shade "enhances the amber and gold flecks in hazel eyes and is a great color for giving an overall warm glow," Swinney says.

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Copper Penny Highlights

Regina King with copper penny highlights

Getty Images

Leave it to Regina King to make a bold, strong copper shade look totally effortless. By weaving the hue into braids with a more neutral color, it emphasizes the gorgeous gold in her eyes in a way that pulls the look together perfectly.

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Espresso Brunette

Sarah Hyland wears long espresso brown hair

Getty Images

A darker hair color makes the eyes look bolder and brighter in contrast. This deep brown seen on Sarah Hyland brings out the green and gold flecks in her hazel eyes, making for a stunning combination.

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True Copper Red

Zendaya with long, true copper red hair

Getty Images

Hazel eyes pair amazingly with a dramatic, strong look like this one on Zendaya. The copper-red shade emphasizes the brown and gold in her eyes while complementing her skin tone.

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Bronde with Golden Highlights

Sofia Vergara wears medium bronde hair with golden highlights

Getty Images

Sofia Vergara can (and has) rocked many a hair color. This medium bronde shade with golden blonde highlights is one of our favorites. The mix of blonde and brown really lets her hazel eyes stand out on their own and gives her skin a lit-from-within glow.

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Auburn Bronde

Rachel McAdams wears auburn bronde hair to complement her hazel eyes

Getty Images

We're huge fans of this look on Rachel McAdams—we love the browns, the blondes, and the auburn. The shade is a great pick because it not only pulls out the green and blue tones within her hazel eyes, but also the flecks of gold throughout, creating a really beautiful mix of the three often-competing shades.

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Honey Chestnut Highlights

Regina King wears a dark bob with honey chestnut highlights

Getty Images

Compare this to the previous image of King—her eyes look a completely different color. It's a great example of how hair color can impact the appearance of hazel eyes. Here, the honey chestnut highlights and dark-brown hair draw out the amber, green, and gold in her eyes.

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Dark Copper

Halsey with dark copper hair

Getty Images

This combination of dark copper hair, rosy eyeshadow, and perfectly pink lips is a serious show-stopper. According to Tardo, these warmer colors contrast the green in hazel eyes and draw it out front and center.

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Pale Honey Blonde

Hailey Bieber with pale honey blonde hair

Getty Images

Another blonde look from Hailey Bieber, this chic pale honey blonde brings out the green in her hazel eyes. The green eyeshadow and dress certainly help emphasize the color, too.

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Deep Brunette with an Auburn Hue

Rihanna with auburn-hued brown hair in a ponytail

Getty Images

Rihanna's auburn-hued brown ponytail is a masterclass in bringing out the gold in hazel eyes. It's a good reminder that going auburn or copper doesn't have to be bold and brash—you can subtly layer in the color like Riri.

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Olivia Munn wears black-to-brown ombre hair and red lipstick

Getty Images

With just the slightest hint of ombré, Olivia Munn's black-brown hair really lets her eyes pop. Plus, the shade is a great complement to her skin tone—see how it just looks natural and right?

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Bronded Streaks

Kristen Stewart wears brown hair with blonde highlights

Getty Images

Kristen Stewart takes a rockstar approach to bronded highlights, with something a bit closer to bronde streaks. The fusion of blonde and brown shades provides soft definition and sparkle to her eyes.

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