Real Hawaiian Women Share Their Fascinating Haircare Secrets


American Eagle

I recently went on a family vacation to the Hawaiian island of Kauai, where I couldn't help but notice that the local women had the most stunning hair I'd ever seen. Perhaps I'd been staring at the bleach-blond lobs of Los Angeles for too long, but it was hard not to double-take at the blindingly shiny, waist-length hair of Hawaiian women. Hawaii has an incredibly rich, unique culture that I admire for its respect for art and nature. I figured this had to inform the islands' haircare traditions, so I got in touch with a few Hawaiian beauty experts to learn how.

"In the Hawaiian culture, long hair is considered feminine and sexy, and it’s not out of the ordinary to have hair past your waist," explained Kiana Cabell, co-founder and creative director of Hawaiian beauty brand Kopari. To get there, Hawaiian women primarily use natural ingredients sourced from the islands. They also keep in mind that "whatever is good for your skin tends to be good for your hair," said Hawaiian-raised MSA model Vanessa Armenio. "And food plays a massive role."

Keep reading to learn exactly what Hawaiians do to get their long, healthy, glossy hair.

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