Haus Labs Launched a Hybrid Lip-Oil Stain—So, We All Tried It

Here are our honest thoughts.

Haus Labs, Model Wearing Lip Oil

Haus Labs

When Lady Gaga first launched Haus Labs back in 2019, we immediately knew it would not be just another celebrity makeup line. The Stupid Love singer is known for her bold beauty looks, both on and off the red carpet, so of course, her first foray into makeup would be just as inspired. 

 Haus Labs, of course, lived up to the hype, and we’ve been anxiously awaiting every new launch since. Today, the brand released its latest product: a hybrid lip product that combines the shine and hydration of an oil with the long-lasting color payoff of a stain. The new PhD Hybrid Lip Oil Stain ($24) applies like a lip oil but then adjusts to your perfect shade based on your own pH. 

 To learn more about the innovative launch, we went straight to the source: Sarah Tanno, the Global Artistry Director for Haus Laboratories and Gaga's makeup artist. Read on for her expert tips and our review of the lip oil stain.

The Formula

Haus Labs, Lip Oils
Haus Laboratories PhD Hybrid Lip Oil Stain $24.00

The lip oils are available in five sour candy-inspired shades—pink, berry, red, orange, and universal clear—and all have a sheer, glossy finish when first applied. After they melt into your lips, however, the magic happens. 

"When the pH-reacting formula comes in contact with your lips, the change in pH causes the pigment to turn rosy pink,” says Tanno. The intensity of the color you end up with depends on your own pH, she explains. “The lower the pH, the more intense the pink." The result is a glossy, sheer wash of color that’s unique to each individual.

Tanno suggests blotting the oil with a tissue to turn it into a non-transferable stain if you're not into the glossy look. “I typically do this when I’m wearing a mask,” she says. 

Tanno also notes that lip oils are a secret weapon when it comes to face prep. "When I’m priming my face (or any face!) for makeup, I apply the oils immediately to start hydrating my lips as I prep," she says.

The lip hybrid is full of soothing ingredients you might find more often in skincare rather than makeup products, like prickly pear oil, vegan collagen, plant squalane, and a naturally plumping plant peptide complex. "I really think of the lip oil as part of my skincare routine,” says Tanno. “I’m hydrating my face as well as my lips."

The Reviews

Chinea Rodriguez, Beauty Writer

Chinea Rodriguez

Chinea Rodriguez

"When it comes to lip products, I love balms and glosses to keep my lips moisturized. I keep a lip product within reach at all times, so I'm always looking for something new to add to my rotation. I tried the universal clear first and was impressed—it's definitely worth keeping in my bag or at my bedside. The texture of this lip oil is a bit thinner than a gloss and thankfully not sticky. One thing I really liked was the doe-foot applicator. It’s wider, so the application is much easier. It’s a small feature, but it makes a huge difference with everyday application. Primary, a sheer red, was my favorite shade. It adjusted to a pink, 'my lips but better' tone after I applied. I had to reapply after a while to keep the sheen, but my lips stayed moisturized."

Karli Bendlin, Senior Editor

Karli Bendlin

Karli Bendlin

“I have spent the majority of my career in beauty searching for the perfect lip stain—and this new Haus Lab launch might be the closest I’ve come to finding it. While many of the other stains I’ve tried deliver on their promise of a popsicle-stain finish, it almost always fades within the hour, leaving my lips colorless and dehydrated. However, the PhD Hybrid Lip Oil Stain maintains most of its color as the oil melts into your lips, leaving a natural-looking hue behind that lasts through several cups of coffee. I also love the shiny look and moisturizing feel of the oil when it’s first applied—it’s just an all-around amazing product.”

Madeline Hirsch, Senior News Editor

Madeline Hirsch

Madeline Hirsch 

“This lip stain fully lives up to its ‘addictive’ promise. Normally, I’m more of a lipstick/liner devotee, but Haus Labs latest drop is nothing short of juicy. At first, the product applies like a gloss, nourishing lips while it does its staining work. There’s also a slight tingle as the formula sinks in. After the lip oil did its magic, I was left with a subtle but definitely noticeable berry color that lasted throughout the day. Not going to lie, I reapplied a few times because I loved the product’s texture and shine (like I said, it’s addictive). The Sheer Berry shade is my personal favorite, providing just enough rosy glow to make my lips pop.”

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