Haus Labs Just Launched a Powder Blush—And I Tried It

Byrdie editor Olivia Hancock wearing Haus Labs Blush

Olivia Hancock

Haus Labs is a celebrity beauty brand we've sung the praises of time and time again. However, it's no surprise the makeup line is a major hit, considering the founder Lady Gaga is a bonafide beauty icon. Since relaunching in Sephora last year, Haus Labs has rolled out a plethora of viral launches. The Atomic Shake Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick ($26), Triclone Skin Tech Foundation ($45), and Le Monster Lip Crayon ($22) are just a few of the products that have amassed raving reviews on TikTok.

The Color Fuse Blush is the newest buzzy product to come from the brand. The recently-launched blush offers an innovative hybrid formula that delivers mega pigment and nourishes your skin. Ahead, learn more about Haus Labs' Color Fuse Blush.

The Formula

Haus Labs Color Fuse Blush

Haus Labs

The Color Fuse Blush is available in five vibrant shades—Acai Sky (berry purple), Dragon Fruit Daze (cool pink), Hibiscus Haze (mauve pink), Pomelo Peach (soft coral), and Watermelon Bliss (universal red). "What I love about this blush is, like all of our products, we do not play when it comes to pigment," Haus Labs' global artistry director and Lady Gaga's long-time makeup artist Sarah Tanno says. "All five shades are high-impact colors. They work on all skin tones and can be used differently depending on the look you want."

The blush's format is unique as it looks like a powder but melts onto your skin like a cream. Beyond the texture, the Color Fuse Blush contains nourishing ingredients that keep your skin hydrated and protected while you wear it. Fermented arnica—rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties—calms your skin. Hydraberry, derived from red raspberries, helps boost hydration and reinforce the skin barrier. The formula is also infused with vitamins C and E to shield your skin from free radical damage, plant squalane to soften your skin, and shea butter to further moisturize your skin.

How to Apply

Haus Labs Color Fuse Blush
Haus Labs Color Fuse Blush $38.00

Figuring out how to apply blush can be tricky, but Tanno has a few tips. "If you have fairer skin, I recommend using a soft fluffier brush or a fan brush to apply a wash of color and build it to your desired level," she notes. "For deeper skin tones, I would use a denser brush to intensify the color to your liking."

Tanno says the Color Fuse Blush is also great for experimenting with different TikTok blush hacks. "For the 'sunkissed look,' I love applying Watermelon Bliss in the 'W' shape," she says. "For a perfect cool toned pink that looks great on all skin tones, try Dragonfruit Daze. If you like the 'draping look,' try it with Hibiscus Haze or Acai Sky. Finally, I would do Pomelo Peach for a cute glow to the skin paired with fake freckles. You can use any of the shades for the 'lifted look,' but my go-to is Hibiscus Haze."

My Review

Byrdie editor Olivia Hancock

Olivia Hancock

I'm a total blush girl. I feel like my look isn't complete without it. I typically use powder blushes, so I was intrigued by the Color Fuse Blush's powder-to-cream format. I usually opt for pink hues, so I used the shade, Hibiscus Haze. The blush is super pigmented in the pan, so I was worried it might be hard to control the intensity. However, that isn't the case at all. I used a super fluffy brush to apply the product, which deposited an even, light wash of color on my skin. It felt incredibly smooth and lightweight on my skin—plus, it gave my skin a radiant glow. This is one of those blushes that looks amazing as soon as you apply it, but it looks even better over time as it melts with your skin. TLDR: Another Haus Labs product is earning a permanent spot in my routine. 

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