An Editor Who Hates Exercise Ranks 5 Workouts From Most to Least Torturous

Living in Los Angeles, I am acutely aware that being fit, loving to exercise, and wearing bright geometric leggings everywhere you go are what make someone not only physically healthy but also cool. A certain type of cool, anyway. A type of cool that has always intimidated me.

Never in my life have I been an athletic person. As a kid, when my parents and brother would go on hikes and ski trips, I would always lag a clumsy 10 minutes behind. I never played sports; I never cheered, jogged, or went to the gym—and girls who did terrified me on a cellular level. I blame my stature: I'm 5'2" and not very coordinated, and as unflattering as this is, I also hate doing things I'm bad at.

Growing up, I also thought that since the rest of my family was into fitness, maybe one day, a love of exercise would just appear out of thin air. I'm 25, and it still hasn't happened. But I want it to. No matter my natural skill set, I want to have a long, healthy life and do what's best for my body. So I embarked on a little fitness experiment. For a few weeks, I swallowed my fitness phobia in order to try five popular cult workouts in Los Angeles. The objective? To find a workout that I could actually get behind in one of the most intimidatingly fit cities in the world. Some of the classes were surprisingly enjoyable—others straight-up destroyed me.

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