Harry Styles’ New Pleasing Collection Feels Like a Vacation With Grandma

Welcome to Harry's (beach) House.

man with braces and flower sunglasses


Forget songs of the summer—Harry Styles is more like the star of the summer. Over the years, he's treated us to endless outfit and hair inspiration, tons of vacation shots, and enough warm-weather bangers to lyrically caption a thousand Instagram posts. But this year, thanks to his best-selling line, Styles is making his signature summer aesthetic more attainable than ever with Pleasing's Hot Holiday collection. Infused with the star's classic wit, the new drop is described as encapsulating the ultimate summer schism: the glamour of a sun-soaked vacation on the Italian coast, and the much-closer-to-home reality of chilling with your grandma on a stretch of local shore. In other words, the micro-collection is home to both eye-catching fun (bright nail polishes, transportive scents) as well as true summer essentials. Just like with Pleasing's two previous collections, everyone can find something they like in Styles' well-curated drops—grandmas certainly included.

About The New Products

The third micro-collection from the Harry's House singer follows the same structure as previous drops. The heart of Hot Holiday is the four new nail polish shades, all designed to evoke assorted summery motifs, available individually and as part of the Pleasing Polish Set ($65). Vibrant shades like the creamy-orange Nonna's Sorbet ($20) and seaweed green Harry's Chair ($20) can be layered together or under the Wet Bottoms ($20) topper that gives any shade an instant wet-look effect. Opt for the set to get a pack of color-complementary nail decals in the collection's signature stripy parasol print, too.

No pool bag is complete without a refreshing face mist, but The Pleasing Spritz ($25) is as much aromatherapy as it is skincare. The actual stream is an ultra-fine cloud of moisture, full of soothing hydrating agents like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and microalgae. Meanwhile, a revitalizing blend of eucalyptus and orange blossom scents awakens, activates, and stimulates the senses immediately. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, moisturizing effects, the spritz can double as a dewy makeup setting spray. Rounding out the new products is the Everybody Oil ($45), a hydrating body oil that settles into a subtly radiant finish to illuminate the skin all over. Jojoba oil, a rich emollient, combines with buckthorn berry oil, evening primrose oil, and avocado oil to flood dry, sun-parched areas with moisture while calming irritation and inflammation. Though formulated with after-sun benefits in mind, it's the ideal final layer for most body care routines, and the citrus blossom scent smells like what putting up your OOO email auto-response feels like. Together, the new products can be beach essentials or important pieces of an everyday routine. In fact, that's a large part of why Styles' Pleasing lines don't feel like pure novelty—they're themed, sure, but robust and, most importantly, actually effective. Would Harry ever lead us astray?

The new Hot Holiday collection also launches with a limited-edition lineup of themed apparel, so be sure to grab it while it lasts. Shop the Pleasing Hot Holiday set on July 19 at 12 noon EST, only on pleasing.com

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