16 Happy Nail Art Designs That'll Boost Your Mood

It's no secret that a having a fresh mani can instantly make you feel better. But it turns out that the specific color and design of your nail art can impact your emotional state too. Studies have shown that different colors have different impacts on our mood. According to experts, having certain colors in certain spaces of your house can affect the way that you feel in the space. They found that yellow spaces are considered optimistic and uplifting, and pink is thought to be fun and energetic. 

It stands to reason, then, that the hue and designs that you put on your nails can impact your mood, too. So whether you're in need of a pick-me-up, or just trying to maintain your carefree summer disposition, check out these 16 nail art designs that are guaranteed to boost your mood. 

Happy Nail Art Designs - Pastel Nail Polish

Who doesn't love a good pastel rainbow vibe? 

Happy Nail Art Designs - Cherry Nail Art

These peach-toned cherry nails scream summer aesthetic. 

Happy Nail Art Designs - Cloud Nail Art

This dreamy mani makes us want to lie in the grass and watch clouds. 

Happy Nail Art Designs - Daisy Nail Art

Re-create this look by swiping on a light pink shade, and adding some Olive and June daisy decals. 

Happy Nail Art Designs - Simple Nail Art

We love the way this chic, minimal design combines bright baby blue ad metallic gold. 

Happy Nail Art Designs - Rainbow Nails

Chillhouse described this unique mani best, captioning its photo "groovy, baby." 

Happy Nail Art Designs - Colorful Nail Art

We can't get enough of these vibrant, multicolored tips. 

Happy Nail Art Designs - Rose Gold Nails

Pink glitter? Don't mind if we do. 

Happy Nail Art Designs - Polka Dot Nails

The bright coral dots bring some fun to this otherwise boring light pink mani. 

Happy Nail Art Designs - Cool Nail Art

These quirky eyelash designs will have you smiling every time you look down and notice them. 

Happy Nail Art Designs - Minimalist Nail Art

"There's something very special about this design, it's really striking and powerful, and makes me feel very happy and confident when I have it on my nails. It's a bit out of the ordinary too, so I feel a little bit adventurous when I have it," says Amy Ling Lin, owner of Sundays Nail Studio. 

Happy Nail Art Designs - Funky Nail Art

These metallic cross-hatched nails definitely stand out. 

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