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Follow These 8 Accounts on Instagram for an Instant Mood Boost

Ah, Instagram. Just the mention of the app brings about a flood of different emotions. Some good, some bad, and some complicated. But as this year comes to a close, it’s become increasingly important to me that I make sure my feed is a curation of accounts that make me feel happy, inspired, and comforted. And as Byrdie’s social media editor, I feel it’s only right to pass on some of my favorite mood-boosting accounts to you.

So, for whatever reason you open the app—multiple times a day, if you're like me—here are some accounts that will add to your experience in a positive way, no matter what you’re into. 

For Mani Lovers: Betina R. Goldstein


If a good manicure brings you peace of mind, you have to give Betina a follow. Not only can you save every single one of these mani’s to take to your manicurist, you can also buy some of the jewelry pictured to recreate the entire look at home.

For Dancing: Rickey Thompson

Rickey Thompson

Rickey T is such a light that it's hard to categorize his account in just a few words. Save some of his many inspirational videos for when you’re going through it, and he’ll remind you to clap back and stay booked and busy! Sad where?

For personal growth: We The Urban

inspirational quote

This Black-owned account is all about inclusivity and self-love. I’m convinced swiping through these posts can spark a positive change within you. Following will encourage you to look inward and reflect in the best ways.

For Astrology: Nadine Jane Astrology


As things seem even more uncertain than usual these days, it’s comforting to look to the stars. This account breaks down your sign in beautiful, digestible posts that will make you more in-tune with your star sign and what the astrological future holds. 

For a Human Experience: Subway Creatures

dog on the subway

Now that we’re inside so much more, people-watching in crowded places feels like a distant memory. But, there's always Subway Creatures. This account is a reminder of the collective human experience and just how wild it can be. Even if you’ve never ridden a subway in your life, it’s certainly worth a follow.

For Animal Lovers: mignonettetakespictures


Nothing boosts my mood like cute animal pictures, and this account has the chicest curation. Filled with sleeping kittens, fluffy llamas, and ducklings with flower hats, this account is the essence of cute and cozy vibes for all of the warm-fuzzy feels.

For Lovers: We’re Not Really Strangers

relationship advice

Are you going through a breakup? Are you catching feelings? Don’t worry, this account totally gets it. Follow for your daily dose of thought-provoking relationship-y content. Pssst: They also came out with a game to take this concept to the next level.

For Memes: Saint Hoax

kardashian meme

Is it even Instagram if you don’t follow at least one meme account? If you’re going to pick one it might as well be this. The magic of this account is not its timeliness (every piece of pop culture is turned into a meme at lightening speed), but also the fact that these memes hit every time. I’m laughing just thinking about it. 

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