How I Stay in Shape When I'm on the Go, by Hannah Bronfman

This week, we’re content-swapping with our friends at HBFit! Short for Health Beauty Fitness, HBFIT is the brainchild of DJ, fitness lover, and all-around cool girl Hannah Bronfman, and it's your guide to living a healthy, green juice–fueled life. The HBFit team will be writing about health, fitness, and Halloween candy on Byrdie, and you can head over to HBFit to see a new beauty story from us each day (including but not limited to our editorial director’s fall skincare routine and all the ways you can use pumpkin in your beauty routine). On day four, Bronfman is sharing three easy ways to stay fit while traveling (especially now that Thanksgiving is just around the corner…)


I am always traveling, and it can be exhausting. It’s easy to use not being home as an excuse to skip a workout, but I find that if you dedicate yourself to at least 20 minutes to sweating it out when you’re traveling, it helps ease my travel stress and boosts my productivity during my busy days. Check out these three quick workouts you can do in any hotel gym—or even your hotel room.

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