Hannah Bronfman on Motherhood and the Best Oil for Stretch Marks

Plus, the $6 toothpaste she can't live without.

Hannah Bronfman

Byrdie / Hannah Bronfman

I last spoke with Hannah Bronfman in July 2020. She was lounging poolside in Canada, soaking up the beautiful summer sun as we chatted for nearly an hour. The multi-hyphenate entrepreneur spoke candidly about how her life has changed during the pandemic, leaning into her emotions, and her beauty rituals. We talked about everything. Or, so I thought. Somehow Bronfman managed to hold back the most heartwarming news during our call—she was pregnant. Just a few days after our conversation, Bronfman announced she was expecting her first child on Instagram. On November 20, 2020, she and her husband welcomed their son Preston Miles Thomas Fallis ⁠into the world. 

In the five months since giving birth, Bronfman has naturally been laser-focused on caring for her son. But, the HBFit founder and influencer has also been diving back into work. One of the latest projects she's been working on is a partnership with Pronamel. For Bronfman, maintaining her oral health has always been a priority. But, it took on greater importance after a bike accident in 2015 broke her four front teeth. Ahead, Bronfman discusses how Pronamel has helped her elevate her oral care routine, motherhood, and what she's looking forward to this year. Keep scrolling to read everything Bronfman had to say.

The One Thing She Loves About Pronamel

"I was really excited to partner with Pronamel. This is a new product for them—it's their Mineral Boost Toothpaste. And honestly, I have a personal connection with my oral health, as we all do. But I had a bit of a traumatizing accident about five years ago, and it just really brought oral health to the front of my overall wellness journey. The oral health component of wellness is really under talked about. So I was excited to partner with Pronamel to talk about this new product because it's replenishing the minerals that we are stripping away through the acidic food and drink that we're having during the day. It's [a product] that is good for our teeth and proactive and preventative in the oral space, and I think that is really important."

The One Thing She Always Rubbed on Her Baby Bump

"I absolutely loved the brand Pai. They have this amazing pomegranate stretch mark oil that I was using throughout my pregnancy, and I actually still use it now. I didn't manage to get stretch marks throughout my pregnancy. But I still think it's a super targeted and hydrating oil."

Hannah Bronfman posing in water

Hannah Bronfman / Terence Connors

The One Thing She's Learned Since Becoming a Mom 

"Everyone's got an opinion about everything. So I think it's just really important to figure out what works for you and your baby. I'm the type of person that likes to hear multiple opinions and then figure out what's best for Preston and me. One thing that I'm doing is just trusting myself. It's such an easy time to second-guess everything you're doing. But you have to trust yourself and not overanalyze everything."

The One Thing That Changed With Her Skin Throughout Pregnancy

"My skin changed during pregnancy for the better. My skin was clearer than normal. I wasn't experiencing so much clogging. And maybe that's also because I spent a year not wearing as much makeup, but it definitely looked good during pregnancy. And now that Preston is here, I've been implementing a little bit of retinol here and there again."

The One Beauty Product She's Wearing For Zoom Calls

"I'm into wearing lipstick at home for zoom. Flesh has some great colors that feel really good. I just tried one of Rare Beauty's lip colors. It's like a lip stain, but it looks like a gloss. I like the texture, and I thought the pigment was strong. It didn't fade over time."

The One Thing That Has Helped Her Stay Active Post-Pregnancy

"I love Kira Stokes. I think she's amazing, and I love the way that she thinks about movement and transitions. It's not high intensity. There's also an app called The Pilates Class. I love her stuff as well. She has these great wake-up flows that I like to do to get my body energized. So, I'll do a flow from The Pilates Class and then do a targeted arm or leg series from Kira Stokes. I love doing a mix of things. I try to take 45 minutes to move my body. It doesn't happen daily, but I make time where I can."

Hannah Bronfman

Hannah Bronfman / Pronamel

The One Thing She's Looking Forward to in 2021

"I'm looking forward to smiling and seeing people's smiles. I am over the mask life. I'm over smizing. I want to read someone's facial expressions again. And I'm excited that I get to partner with an amazing brand like Pronamel, which obviously helps whiten those teeth as well. 2021 is the year we're bringing the smile back."

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