No, Drinking Water Won't Prevent Your Hangover

We all have our little strategies for preventing a next-morning headache, whether it’s carbo-loading after a night out or chugging a jug of Gatorade. But it turns out there isnt anything that can actually alleviate your hangover before it happens—not even the supposedly reliable trick of chasing each cocktail with a glass of water. 

In a recent study, scientists in Canada and the Netherlands found that students who ate or drank water immediately after a night of heavy drinking experienced hangover symptoms that were just as severe as those who didnt consume anything. In addition, researchers concluded theres no such thing as being “immune” to a hangover (though we all know that person who claims to be)those who reported no symptoms the next morning had significantly less to drink than those nursing headaches.

The scientists grand takeaway, however, is that there IS one thing that will prevent your hangover symptoms: consuming less alcohol in one sitting. What, you didnt see that coming? 

Even if there isn’t a way to prevent a hangover, were always excited to hear about a next-morning cure. Whats your surefire way to get rid of that headache?