Science Has FINALLY Found a Hangover Cure

Hangover cures are a dime in a dozen, and we’ve mistakenly gone the hair-of-the-dog route more than enough times to realize they’re not all effective (though these Berocca, $5, tablets lessen the pain considerably). This morning, however, all of that changed: Researchers at the Australian government’s scientific research organization Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) made a pretty monumental discovery. They found that test subjects who consumed just under a cup of Asian pear juice before indulging in their alcohol of choice had fewer and/or less pronounced hangover symptoms the next day. Diminished headaches (hear, hear!), less memory loss, reduced nausea, and lower sensitivity to light were all reported by test subjects who had sipped on the elixir before drinking, as well as markedly increased concentration levels. And in case this sounds familiar, it’s because another study from 2013 found lessened hangover symptoms (16% to 20%) for those who ate Korean pears (another name for Asian pears) prior to drinking. 

The reason these mystical fruits seem to cure our hangovers is not yet clear, but the study’s lead researcher, Manny Noakes, says that pear juice contains enzymes that help speed up your body’s ability to metabolize alcohol, as well as slightly inhibit absorption. But remember—don’t get at home at 3 a.m., chug a bunch of Asian pear juice, and expect to wake up hangover-free. The magical powers only work if you drink the juice before your first alcoholic drink. 

We predict Asian markets will see an influx of pear juice sales tonight. 

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