I Tried the Hand Sanitizer–as-Deodorant Hack: Did It Work?

Updated 09/08/17

I am someone who forgets to apply deodorant on the reg. Probably two times a week at a minimum, I arrive at my desk and realize, with horror (after feeling a bit sweaty under my arms and then smelling the unpleasant result of my forgetfulness), that I forgot to apply deodorant. Even working in an office surrounded by mostly girls, it’s still an arresting realization every time it happens—that heart-stopping moment of Oh sh*t. I smell and will continue to smell all day—GREAT. What next? It’s basically the worst feeling, next to forgetting your wallet at home.

If I have a meeting or am going to be near a member of the opposite sex, it’s a non-option to continue with my day. My next step would be CVS and an emergency mini deodorant purchase.

Needless to say, as someone who has had that heart-stopping “ughhh” moment more times than I can count, I was pretty much astounded when I read that hand sanitizer can work as deodorant in a pinch. Consider my mind actually blown. But would it work? If so, it would be a pretty big life changer for me, as I literally always have Purell in my bag—it’s so much more ubitiquous in life than deodorant. So I decided to put it to the test—here’s what happened!

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