This New Hair Color Technique Just Blew Our Minds

Screen printing is something we associate with kitschy T-shirt booths at art fairs. And yet, the latest color technique has officially taken that concept and applied it to something very unexpected: our hair. Redken colorist Chiala Marvici is blowing up the Internet (and our minds) with her mesmerizing new hair color technique, which she has dubbed “hand-pressed coloring.” Inspired by a painting in her apartment, Marvici says the new technique is basically like screen printing for your hair and involves painting-swirling colors and patterns on a sheet of plexiglass—yes, plexiglass. She starts by creating a design consisting of circles, diagonals, and swirls on a six-inch-wide sheet of hard plexiglass, then places a section of hair on the plastic, which transfers the design to the underside of the hair—hence, the screen printing association. It gets even better: She follows by taking a long putty knife to press the hair into the pattern and saturate the top side of the hair too. Then, just paint, press, and repeat. According to Marvici, the technique should only take 30 to 45 minutes. “It is a fast way to create cool effects on the hair and gives the colorist options to create effects on the hair in less time than traditional application,” she says. 

But, like, why? Good question. Supposedly, the swirly designs saturate your hair, for the most natural-looking, light-reflective shine, similar to the effect of balayage. You can watch the technique and final effect in the video from Marvici’s Instagram below:




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What do you think of this new hair color technique? Will it be the next balayage? Sound off below!