How to Care for Your Hands Like a Hand Model

Hand modeling is something that I accidently fell into; not many little girls dream of one day being a hand model—I never even considered it a real job until I moved to New York City. It is an incredibly random line of work, but it certainly has its upsides: a lot of free manicures (often with insanely ornate nail art), the chance to wear incredibly expensive jewelry, and the opportunity to place your hands on the occasional celebrity’s face.

My hands have been shot for Vogue, Nylon Magazine, Brides Magazine, NY Magazine, Refinery29 editorials, Sally Hansen campaigns, Smith and Cult nail art tutorial videos, and much more. Each job can be completely different from the previous. I enjoy getting to do something new everyday, and my job can vary from chopping food or holding a beauty product, to wearing incredible nail art by some of the industry’s best manicurists, to even being a hand double for someone.

It is an unusual job, I can walk around the city and see myself in signs or advertisements and no one else knows it's me! I am just this segmented part of a person in a picture. If you're going to be a successful parts model, maintenance is essential. I have a ton of tips that I’ve picked up from other hand models, along with my own little tricks that I do to keep my hands looking healthy and camera-ready.

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