Would You Do This for Younger-Looking Hands?

Is it just us, or are injectibles the new cure-all? Whether it's Botox for sweaty hair or cortisone shots to shrink a pimple in 24 hours, it seems like the beauty world's new mantra is "stick a needle in it." Case in point: Hand injections have officially hit the market. (Yes, you read that right.)

Hands tend to show signs of aging before any other part of our bodies, since the skin there is more prone to wear and tear (and let's be real—we're a lot more careful about applying SPF and serums to our faces than to the backs of our hands). Radiesse, the first FDA-approved form of hand augmentation, promises to provide a "scaffold to stimulate your own body's production of collagen," dermatologist Annie Chu tells Elle.com. The formula, which consists of a compound found in human bones, is injected into the backs of the hands and lasts up to two years.

They've really thought of everything at this point, no?

If needles make you squeamish, might we suggest a highly effective hand cream as an alternative? Try Lancôme's Absolue Hand Absolute Anti-Age Spot Replenishing Unifying Treatment​ ($50), which comes with built-in sun protection.

Would you ever consider a hand-lift? What kind of injection do you think they'll come up with next? Tell us in the comments below!