Halsey Posted a Picture of Her Natural Hair, and We Did a Double Take

Singer Halsey with long, blonde hair

A few months ago, Halsey took to Twitter to call out hotel chains for a lack of inclusivity, specifically as it relates to personal-care products. "I've been traveling for years now, and it's been so frustrating that the hotel toiletry industry entirely alienates people of color," she wrote. "I can't use this perfumed watered-down white people shampoo. Neither can 50 percent of your customers. Annoying." The fact that there's often only one type of shampoo offered at hotels as a one-size-fits-all for guests is outwardly segregative, and we applaud the singer for calling attention to the issue.

But since the Internet is a place where even the most non-negotiable topics are argued against, many responded to her tweet questioning her ethnicity, though Halsey is, in fact, half Black. But soon after, Halsey took to social media once again to talk about her natural hair, this time with a jaw-dropping, stunning photo of "all these fades [she] outgrew." Take a look for yourself below.

Halsey's natural hair

She explained in a series of tweets that she'd been wearing wigs so that her natural hair could grow out underneath, especially after an "inexperienced colorist" damaged her hair when she went blonde a few months back. But again, since the Internet can be a cold, dark place, commenters swarmed in accusing Halsey's natural hair of being a wig even in the above photo.

"I can’t believe I spent a whole damn year growing out my curls under those wigs for y’all to say my natural hair looks like a wig... some fucked up shit lmao," she (rightfully) tweeted.

Understandably upset by this, Halsey posted further proof of her natural roots with an (adorable) photo of herself as a baby with a similarly coiled 'do. 


Cue the Beyoncé "Any questions?" moment.

Other fans swooped in to applaud Halsey, saying they were "living" for her natural look, to which she responded by blessing us all with a few more striking photos, wig-free. 

What does Halsey's real hair look like?
Halsey's hair

Even more recently, she's appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone with her natural hair—a significant change from the wigs almost now synonymous with her name.

Although she's since cut her hair again, we love any change she makes to her hair—after all, it's her hair, and she has every right to do with it what she wants. We'll be holding out for more pictures of curly Halsey in the meantime, though; she rocks it.

Singer Halsey with short, curly hair


Singer Halsey with short, dark brown, natural hair


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