You've Seen This Eye Look on Pinterest 1000 Times: Here's How to Create It



The latest beauty trend to take over Instagram is halo eye makeup. And, while you’ve likely seen these shimmery shadows while scrolling through your feed, you probably have yet to attempt a halo. Because let’s be real, it doesn’t look easy. In an effort to simplify this buzzy new beauty trend, we reached out to beauty blogger Sona Gasparian for her tips on how to create halo eye makeup.

According to Gasparian, halo eye makeup involves applying dark shadows along the crease and lash line with a lighter, metallic shade placed in the center of the lid. The result: an actual halo effect that accentuates the eyes. To learn how to create the eye-popping beauty look that is taking social media by storm, Gasparian gave us step-by-step instructions on how to get the look. For Gasparian’s tips on how to create halo eye makeup, as well as the products she uses for a shimmery finish, keep on reading.