How to Get in Shape for Halloween—Based On the Body Part You’re Showing Off


Urban Outfitters

Halloween is the best holiday, IMHO. It's a night when you're meant solely to have fun with your friends while dressed as your alter ego, sip themed cocktails, and eat your fill of the best miniature candies. Your costume can be witty, outrageous, sexy—or a mix between all three. The excitement is real. 

However, the weather has cooled down and my clean eating habits and yoga practice have suddenly taken a backseat to sleeping in, lounging with Elemis's Superfood Facial Oil ($72) soaking into my skin, and ordering take out. It happens every year, and while there's nothing wrong with living your best life, it's important to continue making healthy choices. Especially when you're a few weeks away from showing off your best assets on Halloween night. And, even if it's more your style to keep it comfy (same!), there's no harm in making a few select changes in your diet and exercise routine to continue feeling your best. That's where we come in. I tapped all my favorite fitness and health experts to figure out a proper timeline for the big day. What to cut back on, what to do more of, and what's the best route based on the particular asset your costume shows off. Keep reading for all the details.

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