25 Straightforward, Foolproof Halloween Manicures

Go all out this spooky season.

Halloween nails

Nail art can be a challenging trend to get behind—especially when it's themed for a specific holiday. There's so much time-consuming, detail-oriented work that goes into it, and often, we don't have the time. Instead, this year, we're going for an easier look, one we can pull off in a few minutes with very few extraneous purchases. 

Below, find our favorite Halloween-themed nails that won't break the bank to pull off and certainly won't take hours to complete. They each require no more than three colors and very little expertise. So without further ado, your next Halloween manicure awaits. Keep scrolling for some seriously spooky inspiration.

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For the Nail Art Minimalist

Skeletons and the undead alike will love this minimalist nail art manicure. It uses only two shades (Jinsoon Absolute White and Polka Black, $18 each), one brush, and a little bit of smudging. Halloween nails in just three steps—voilà!

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For the Witchy Ones

Instead of an intricate, painstakingly detailed manicure, opt for glossy black paint and a few nail adhesives, like the stars pictured here. It'll add to your witch costume, albeit subtly, but it's also chic for the week post-holiday. See? We're saving you time and money. 

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For the Angels

If an angel costume is more your speed, this sparkly, glammed-up look is for you. It's far less complicated than it seems. All you need is a sparkle-infused nail polish and one hand to paint it on. Bonus points for the clear base color to keep things mess-free. Luckily, Jinsoon makes the perfect shade—Absolute Glitz ($18).

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For Ziggy Stardust

If you're musically inclined, dress up like David Bowie himself and offer up a Ziggy Stardust–inspired manicure. Again, just two shades are needed (and you can spell out whatever lyric you love most). 

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For the Candy Stripers

For sweet, candy-themed costumes or hospital volunteers, try this icing-inspired manicure that'll keep your look coated in sugar. You'll need two color—red and a light pink—and a steady hand while drawing the curves. 

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For those Who Love Candy Corn

Nail artist Madeline Poole created this candy corn confection for the Halloween candy devotees. The ombré effect is a bit more involved since you'll have to do some blending, but the final product is worth the work in spades.

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Sparkling Pumpkin

Poole worked on this orange look as well, dangling a shimmering string of jewels for some added light-reflecting goodness. This manicure will keep you on theme for the pumpkin-filled holiday while still proving to be chic.

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A Halloween Color Pallet

Incorporate the signature orange and black color pallet into your next manicure for a Halloween-appropriate style that's still super fun.

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Just a Little Bit of Gore

For those adding a little gore to their costume, take a neutral manicure and add a little drop of polish to keep things creepy (use this manicure by celebrity manicurist Mar y Soul as inspiration).

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Try a throwback mani this Halloween, with a nod to one of the quirkiest spooky flicks in ages: Beetlejuice.

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For Strawberry Shortcake Costumes

If you're a fruitarian (or you're dressing up like Strawberry Shortcake), these adorable berry nails are right up your alley. With green, red, and white for the seeds, all you need is a brush and a dotter for detail.

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Because You're a Cat, Duh

Dress up the usual all-black feline manicure with a spotted leopard look. It takes no time at all after picking up black, brown, and beige polish at your local drugstore. 

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For a Military Inspired Look

This camo-print design combines neutral colors and looks great with that olive green military jacket you pair with everything.

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If You're A 70s Hippie

After you've nailed the tie-dye game, deck your nails out in an equally psychedelic style, including but not limited to bright colors and patterns that really send the message home.

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For a Fresh Farmer Look

If you're looking to throw on a plaid shirt and overalls, this adorable manicure is for you. Dressed in a farmer-chic style, it's important to keep track of your animals ,and this way, you've got them all in one handy place—your nails!

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For a Sneaker-head

Opt for a white base and show off your sneaker knowledge. This detailed design can be recreated easily using a few handy press-on stickers.

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The Minimalist

Dot on a few intentional dabs of black polish for a minimalist Halloween manicure that goes with every costume, from Audrey Hepburn to Charlie Chaplin.

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Fairy Nails

This ultra whimsical nail look compliments the sparkliest of wings for a modern fairy design. Adorned in shimmering crystals, you'll be as bejeweled as Tinkerbell with her fairy dust in Neverland.

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A Spooky Bit of Sparkle

If you're not into a full Halloween getup this year, go for a sparkly glitter-dipped manicure for a still seasonally appropriate look. This DIY take includes full-on edgy glitter for a fun design.

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For a Dorothy-Inspired Spin

If you don't have your ruby red slippers close by, add a few dazzling gems to a deep red manicure for a twist on the classic movie look. Playing into your Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz costume, this sparkling red manicure looks great against blue gingham.

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Space Alien

It's time to break out your handy Lycra suit. This holographic nail design is simple (it just requires a few coats of paint) and works for more than one costume. Pair your out-of-this-world holographic nails with a neon green look for a simple full-on alien costume, or go the Britney Spears "Oops!... I Did It Again" route with an iconic red PVC catsuit. The choice is yours.

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A Black Cat Is Essential

Black cats are a Halloween essential, so why not paint a few on your nails for good measure?

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The Disney Fanatic

Mix and match Minnie and Mickey's signature looks for a cheerful and Disney-inspired addition to your Halloween costume. Bonus points if you wear Mickey's iconic shorts and yellow shoes.

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You're My Lobster

Match manis with a bestie or loved one and be each other's lobsters for Halloween.

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All Eyes on You

Some strategically applied polish and peel-off stickers get the job done here (and they look amazing). These stickers from Olive and June are our personal favorites.

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