7 Epic Halloween Makeup Tutorials to Inspire Your Costume

Updated 09/23/16

Halloween is creeping up whether we like it or not. Since there’s nothing worse than freaking out over last-minute costume ideas, we thought we’d try and get the creative juices flowing a little earlier this year by scouting out tutorials across the web. Keep scrolling for inspiration that’s both cool and a little bit creepy. 

Ludlund / Anne Staunsager


Our favorite inspo image happens to be the easiest to re-create. All you need is some white makeup, lash and feather extensions—you can also use falsies in a pinch, like Sephora Collection False Eye Lashes ($10)—black liquid eyeliner, and black and bone powder shadow.


Post-Apocalyptic Survivor

If you love gore, Emma Pickles's tutorial is perfect for you. 


Tripp Double Vision Makeup Look

This look is so realistic we can’t help but feel a little dizzy when we re-read Promise Tamang's Byrdie how-to


Miranda Hedman

Lady Gaga Born This Way Skeleton Makeup

Because turning into a skeleton via Miranda Hedman's punky Gaga-inspired beauty steps never gets old.


Snow White

Who wouldn’t want to learn how to look like Snow White for one day? Kandee Johnson has our backs with her step-by-step vlog


Little Red Riding Hood

We love Teni Panosian's costume because it’s both breathtaking and scary. It helps that she provides clear easy-to-follow instructions.


Michelle Phan

Zombie Barbie

An oldie but a goodie! This makeup tutorial looks great if you stop at "over-the-top prom queen" or continue on to something scarier. Phan uses BH Cosmetics 10-Shade Professional Blush Palette ($17).                                                   

What’s your favorite Halloween makeup tutorial? Share the most mesmerizing ideas you've seen below!


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