Alert: This Halloween Makeup Product Could Ruin Your Skin



Everyone recognizes the classic Halloween makeup palette. Pans of red, white, and black makeup sit alongside crayon applicators, facial sponges, glitter, and maybe even fake blood. They litter store shelves, popular because they’re so accessible and inexpensive. They’re an obvious pick for your Halloween makeup needs, right?

Not so fast. The truth is that piling on generic Halloween face paint or makeup can seriously wreak havoc on your skin—and not for the reasons you might think. I actually know this from firsthand experience: Last year, my last-minute costume idea required a full face of makeup. What started out wonderfully (I assembled a costume quickly and inexpensively, after all) swiftly changed course after dipping into one of those inexpensive palettes from the costume store, which left my complexion oily and red. By the time I removed the makeup at the end of the night, my skin was sensitive and beyond irritated.

But don’t just take my word for it—plenty of experts agree. Keep scrolling to learn why Halloween makeup kits are scary for your skin!