3 Hauntingly Gorgeous Halloween Tutorials by MAC

If you're like us, chances are you've been scouring Pinterest and YouTube lately for some beautiful Halloween costume inspiration. While an elaborate movie-inspired or punny costume sounds appealing in theory, sometimes time isn't at our side and we need something that requires less sewing and constructing.

That's where makeup comes in. You can create stunning looks with a couple of items you can pick up at your local drugstore or at Sephora. Not to mention that there's a good chance there won't be another person at the party with the same look as you, since it was created using your very own artistry. And just to give you a little more inspiration, this year, MAC put out some seriously spooky (and completely beautiful) makeup looks that we think you'll love. 

Keep scrolling for some of our favorite looks from MAC!

Photo: MAC Cometics
video: MAC Cosmetics

So long, black-cat costume that's been done over and over. This makeup look is definitely intricate, but it's a refreshing change-up from the basic cat ears and black tights. Feel free to do any variation of the look you like—this video is just a great starting point to draw from. Try MAC Paint Stick ($22) in Pure White for the base and draw your cat eyes on with MAC Kohl Power Eye Pencil ($17) in Feline. For the defining facial lines, nose, and mouth, use MAC Fluidline ($17) in Blacktrack. To achieve that chic red lip, paint on some Mac Lipstick ($17) in Russian Red. Finally, to finish off the look, apply some dramatic lashes like Mac's 44 Lash ($17).

Photo: MAC Cosmetics
video: MAC Cosmetics

You've seen a million Day of the Dead looks, but this colorful variation from MAC is a refreshing alternative. Start off with MAC Face & Body Foundation ($27) in the lightest color you can find. Next comes the blush, and in this look, the cheeks are very overexaggerated, so buffing on a generous amount of MAC Cremeblend Blush ($22) will work wonderfully. For the eyes, choose whichever color you like. MAC Pigment ($22) is a long-lasting product that comes in an array of shades for you to really play up your eyes. For the gems, Stick-On Rhinestones are an easy way to add sparkle in any which way you choose. Lastly, for the curved lines around the face, use MAC Liquidlast Liner ($20).

Photo: MAC Cosmetics

While there isn't a designated tutorial for this look, we actually love its simplicity. The best part about all of these looks is that you can have your own take on them, so if it doesn't look exactly like the image, that's okay! For this look, start off with a MAC Paint Stick ($22) in Pure White as the base. Then, blend in a bright-pink blush like MAC Cremeblend Blush ($22) in So Sweet So Easy right in the hollows of your cheeks and extend the pigment so it's overexaggerated. For the eyes, try MAC's glittery Sized to Go Pigment ($10) in Rose (red contacts optional). You can place this all over the eye, above the brow, and down below the lower lash line. Lastly, swipe on a vampy deep-purple lip color like MAC Lipstick ($17) in Cyber.

What makeup look are you going to try this Halloween? Please share in the comments below!

Opening Image: MAC Cosmetics