These Are the Most Popular Halloween Makeup Ideas on Pinterest This Year

Believe it or not, Halloween night is right around the corner, which, we might add, is significantly more frightening than any of the looks in our roundup. Wasn't it just Labor Day? That isn't to say we're not excited—because we are. Not only is Halloween the perfect excuse to binge-watch The Shining, Hocus Pocus, and childhood guilty pleasures (personally, I'm a Little Vampire girl, but I digress), but it's also a memory-making opportunity to pull out some utterly lust-worthy makeup. We're talking the saturated pigments, over-the-top highlighters, and blindingly luminous glitter that would make even the most vetted kindergarten teacher step back in trepidation.

If you're a makeup lover, Halloween night (and probably the days leading up to it) can feel like an anticipatory combination of the Super Bowl, Olympics, and Quidditch World Cup: After committing to a super-stellar costume idea, the last thing you want to do is drop the ball when it comes to your makeup look. To lend a helping hand, we did the research and cross-checked the data to supply you with 19 Halloween makeup ideas the internet says will be the most popular in 2018. In need of some inspiration? Keep reading to see which Halloween makeup ideas Pinterest users are saving most thus far.