The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Halloween Highlighter

Halloween highlighter

The makers of the rainbow highlighter who broke the beauty-sphere are at it again with dazzling new confections, just in time for fall. Indie makeup brand Bitter Lace Beauty has rolled out a series of Instagram posts over the past week, introducing its newest collection—five spooky, sparkly Halloween-themed highlighters that will become available on its website in October.

The brand's rainbow highlighter, Prism, sold out within just a few days, and we're predicting gangbusters for these cleverly designed Halloween highlighters as well. The five in the collection include the following: The Next Supreme, a silvery highlighter flecked with purple and green; Hocus Pocus, a spider web–embossed pick; Toothache, a candy corn–colored product; Slay, a blood spatter–patterned gem; and I Put a Spell on You, the brand's first-ever liquid highlighter.

Let's talk price: Once the products become available, you can buy them in a bundle of five for $132 or individually for $28 ($30 for the liquid formula). Most of that cost comes from labor—the brand's products are all handmade by founder Jenna Georgescu.

Georgescu told Allure that the Halloween highlighters "are limited edition, and once they are sold out, they will not be available again." Don't miss your chance—the Halloween collection will land in the shop Saturday, October 1, at 3 p.m. PDT.

Sneak a peek at the Bitter Lace Beauty's new Halloween highlighters below!

Halloween highlighter

How adorable are the candy corn imprints in the collection's warm-toned shade, Toothache?

Halloween highlighter

This Dexter-esque pick, Slay, is my personal favorite of the bunch.

Halloween highlighter

Hocus Pocus is perfect for achieving that "aliengelic" look.

Halloween highlighter

You'll get year-long use out of The Next Supreme, a unique blend of silver, green, and purple.

Opening Image: via Pinterest

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