18 Halloween Hair Accessories That Will Make Any Costume Look Cool

Whenever holidays come around, time feels like it's moving extra fast. The fact that summer is practically over and Halloween is around the corner is so crazy. It's hard to plan for costumes in advance because, well, life. Instead of scrambling last minute for a costume, opt for a low-key approach with fun Halloween hair accessories that feel just as festive. I'm hardly ever prepared for the occasion, so cute headbands, hair clips, and makeup save me every time. It's amazing what a hair accessory and bold makeup can do to put you in the spirit. 

Ease up on the pressure to find the perfect costume and order one of these budget-friendly options below for your hair. Add a bit of out-of-the-ordinary makeup to get yourself in the mood. Then, proceed to take fire selfies. Ahead, find the 18 best Halloween hair accessories that'll make you look like the coolest one in the room.