10 Pretty Halloween Looks That Only Require Eyeliner

Updated 08/08/19
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Let's be honest, preparing for Halloween can be a year-round venture. While some of us wait until the day before to make major decisions, we all have the friend (or few) who prefers to prepare costumes and book plans months in advance. Either way, Team Byrdie's got you covered.

In fact, consider this the ultimate lazy girl’s guide to celebrating Halloween without actually making any effort (or spending extra cash). No, seriously—dig around your makeup bag until you locate your eyeliner. Got it? Good! That's all you need to throw together any of the 10 looks below. Keep scrolling for our favorite Halloween looks that only require liner.

Cat Face

It's classic for a reason. Sure, there might be a thousand of you running around, but hey, at least no one can give you flack for not trying (sort of). Plus, you can mix it up with different variations if you so choose.

Black Widow

Because everyone will be too busy complimenting you on your eye makeup to ask what you’re supposed to be… 

Glam Skeleton

When all else fails, turn your face into a skeleton—a glam skeleton, to be clear. Click here for the full tutorial.

Mysterious Masquerade

Simple Halloween Makeup

How stunning is this black lace masquerade mask? Check out how YouTuber Shonagh Scott uses Kryolan's Faceliner ($21) to get some really intricate detail.

Snapchat Retro Comic Filter

Simple Halloween Makeup: cartoon

Supplement a few minimalist swipes of your liner with some colored eye shadow and lipstick, and you've got a deceptively simple take on one of your favorite Snapchat filters. (PSA: Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Pencil ($22) won't budge and comes in a ton of colors.) Click here for the full tutorial.


If animal ears are the only costume accessory handy, draw on this realistic tigress face to take an ordinary costume to a new level. Find a similar tutorial here.


Perhaps this isn't the most innovative costume, but considering it's as simple as eyeliner, a plaid shirt and a straw hat it's a win-win all around.


We love how versatile this look is. Simply draw on your veins and rock whatever outfit you please. Everyone will be so transfixed on your stellar makeup skills, they won't care what you're calling yourself.


This goddess makeup is all. about. the. eyes. To master a killer cat eye, pop in rich pigments like glittery gold to rich turquoise. We love the Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eyeliner in Whirl(Pool) and Sunset Pool ($25 each) for intense color payoff that won't fade.


Call yourself cupid, a heartbreaker or anything in-between. These heart-shaped tears leave a lot to the imagination, but who cares? They're too adorable to pass up.

What’s your go-to last-minute Halloween look? DM us on Instagram and let us know.

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