We Ranked 15 Halloween Candies by Nutritional Value



Healthy Halloween candy: an oxymoron or a legitimate possibility? Even though most us of can't get away with trick-or-treating anymore (curse that middle school growth spurt!), we never really get too old to resist the bowlfuls of Halloween candy that materialize in every office kitchen and grocery aisle come October. (My weakness is sour lollipops… I can't put them down!)

Now, we wouldn’t wish a candy-free October on anyone, but there are certain sweet treats that have scarier nutrition facts than others. We carefully studied the ingredient lists, calories, fat, and sugar content of 15 popular Halloween candies and ranked them in order of frightfulness. (We also threw in how long the average person would have to trick-or-treat—at a brisk pace, may we add—in order to burn them off.)

So when raiding your little cousin's Halloween loot this year, now you'll know which treats are better for you. Before you unwrap a single piece, read this!

From Worst to Best

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This story was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.