This Is Exactly How Halle Berry Has the Body of a 25-Year-Old at 51

Halle Berry defies all odds when it comes to talent, beauty, and, of course, health. Not only can the 51-year-old easily pass for 25, but her physical fitness is equally impressive. Her trainer of two years, Peter Lee Thomas, recently told People that Berry has the "discipline and athleticism of a 25-year old." One peek at her #FitnessFriday Instagram posts and stories will attest to that fact. Berry regular engages in a variety of workouts, including boxing, yoga, martial arts, strength training, kettlebell exercises, military-style training like that of the Navy SEALs, and more.

"If Halle wasn't an actress, she would very easily transition into becoming a professional athlete if she was coached the right way," he adds. "She's also not afraid to experiment and explore and take risks when it comes to fitness because she understands that in order for there to be potential growth and change, she's going to have to do things that are commonly difficult to do."

But her commitment to health extends far beyond diet and exercise (she's a keto diet devout, by the way). The actress understands the importance of mental and spiritual health, sharing photos and advice about her meditation routine, the importance of stretching, how to nurture yourself from the inside out with supplement and more. Check out her full-circle approach to health below, as told through her Instagram posts.

This story was originally published on MyDomaine.