Exclusive: Halle Berry Shares a Genius Lipstick Trick, Our Jaws Drop

Updated 09/23/16

To say that Halle Berry is a beauty icon isn’t a compliment—it’s more a statement of facts. With her signature pixie, perfectly-symmetrical features and stunning, well, everything, Berry is a complete goddess who isn't afraid to take a beauty risk or two. Thus, when the actress shared a genius lipstick trick with us from the set of her new Revlon campaign shoot, our love for her grew exponentially. A beauty icon who we can swap beauty secrets with? Yes, yes…yes.

Here’s the trick: “For a natural pink tint to your lips, you can put on red lipstick, wipe it off, then apply a sheer gloss,” Berry tells us. “The red lipstick will leave a slight stain on your lips and the gloss will add that extra shine.” We’ll let you process that for a second. Yes, Halle Berry just told you to apply your lipstick, then wipe it off. That just-bitten look you envy on off-duty models, celebs, and, oh, Halle Berry? This is how you achieve it. Berry says Revlon’s ColorBurst Lip Gloss ($12) in Crystal Water and Bejeweled “add the perfect shine, while also moisturizing the lips,” and the brand’s Ultra HD Lipstick ($9) in Gladiolus is the perfect red that leaves a pink-ish tint when you wipe it off.

Are we trying this trick ASAP? Yes. Is Berry a beauty guru with hopefully more tips to share? We really, really hope so.

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