Video Tutorial: A 60-Second Half-Up Hairstyle You'll Love

Even when hair tutorials tout their “quick and easy”–ness, there’s almost always an element that’s a bit more involved than we’d care to attempt when we’re trying to get out the door fast. (Unless you’re an expert braider, adding a plait to your ’do will undoubtedly add minutes to your getting-ready time.) The obvious solution is skip this altogether—leave your hair as it is, throw it into a low bun, or tie into a high pony. But that rotation gets old fast. Soon you’re known as the girl who always wears her hair in a bun. Having been there before, we teamed up with the hair geniuses at Jen Atkin’s Mane Addicts to bring you a hairstyle that looks put-together and can be executed in one minute flat (maybe less).   

Check out the instructions below and watch the video above to see how it’s done!

1. Take the front section of your hair and pull it back, as if you were about to put your hair into a half-pony. Instead of tying it off, clip the hair in place with a claw clip (like Goody’s Claw Clip, $6 for three).

2. Grab a small, one- to two-inch section of hair from above your ear, and start rolling it back.

3. Twist the piece all the way to the end, pulling it across the back on your head. When you reach the bottom of the section, secure it with a bobby pin. You can readjust the pin if needed after your second twist.

4. Repeat steps two and three on the other side. Be sure to insert your bobby pins directly into the twist. This hides the length of the pin and keeps your style more secure.

5. Remove the clip and you’re done! If your ends are looking a little dry, work some oil through to give your hair a quick boost of shine. We like the MarulaOil Rare Oil Treatment ($40).


What’s your go-to one-minute hairstyle? Have you tried this rolled chignon?


Credits: Hair: Sascha Breuer, Makeup: Jeffrey Baum, Nails: Barbara Warner, Model: Audre, Videographer: Dave Lang, Producer: Clique Studio with Mane Addicts