6 Things Top Hairstylists Know That You Don't

Remember that scene in Mean Girls when Damian says Gretchen Weiner’s hair is so big because it’s “full of secrets”? First of all—best quote ever. And now we want to watch Mean Girls. Second of all—so true, especially when applied to Hollywood. Those celebs with the thick, shiny, voluminous strands (hi, J.Lo, Chrissy, and Blake) you see on the red carpet? There are secrets behind pulling off that hair—secrets only their trusted hairstylists know… until now. With the interest of anyone who isn’t a celeb (aka 99% of the population) in mind, we asked six hairstylists to tell us all their (hair) secrets. Because the less we worry about our hair, the more we can fix the fact that our nail beds suck. Regulation hottie status, here we come. 

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