13 Hairstyles With Beads That Are Absolutely Breathtaking

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I used to beg my mom to let me wear beads in my hair. It was the cool-kid hairstyle to have in my elementary school days. Of course, little did I know the trend is actually timeless. Recently, it's evolved into the ultimate cool-girl look. Different iterations of beaded styles are sweeping Instagram, and I'm here for it.

Beads can easily elevate the look of protective styles like braids, twists, and locks. What's even doper is that you can experiment with different shapes, sizes, and colors of your beads to switch up your look.

Ahead, we've pulled the prettiest pics on Instagram of beaded styles. You're going to want to take these looks to your braider ASAP.

beaded braids

Still dying over how stunning this Fader cover story of Kelela is. The songstress added such a cool element to her locks with transparent, architectural beads.

full head of beaded braids

Feast your eyes on one of the dopest hairstyles you've probably seen all week. As shown, you can take traditional cornrows to the next level with tiny beads and maybe even seashells. 

long hair in beaded braids

Here's another intricate cornrow style that looks even better with beads. This is proof that your beads don't have to look completely uniform. An array of shapes and colors looks effortlessly cool.

solange-red and blonde braids

Solange can do no wrong in our book and is constantly keeping us on our toes with her eye-catching looks. Like, how can you not be shook by these amazing fire-red beads paired with her platinum braids?

high ponytail braids

Swing your braided ponytail back and forth with beads. I mean, this high pony is just everything. Beads are easy to remove, so you also have the option to transform this look into a braided bun.

ponytail beaded braids

If you need any more convincing, here's another high pony adorned with beads. To amp this look up even more, add hair cuffs throughout your braids.

alicia keys-braids

You can't talk about beaded braids without including this iconic throwback photo of trendsetter Alicia Keys. Those arrow-shaped beads, though—so good. We can't find dupes anywhere, so let us know if you get your hands on some.

five woman in braids with beads

So much #BlackGirlMagic in one photo. This group proves you don't have to wear beads on every braid. Simply adding them to a few will give you the same wow factor. 

Kersti Pitre- red and black hair in braids

YouTube vlogger Kersti Pitre kills the braid game every time. Adding a few beads to her accent braids brings so much life to this straight-back style.

Jourdan Dunn-different braid styles

Instead of classic box braids, supermodel Jourdan Dunn edges up her style by incorporating different braid sizes. On the smaller front braids, she accessorizes with beads.

curly hair in braids with beads

There are just so many beautiful things going on in this pic. The perfect combination of her cuffs and beads makes this style so screenshot-worthy. 

Straight-back cornrows with box braids

Straight-back cornrows with box braids in the back were one of the most popular textured styles of summer 2017. While wearing this particular style, most women jazzed up their braids by adding beads to the ends.

Kersti Pitre braided buns

Kersti Pitre does it again. This is not your normal braided bun, people. She took a different play on braided buns, and this look wouldn't be complete without this gorgeous hair jewelry.

  • How do you braid beads into your hair?

    First, braid a section of your hair and stop once you get to the area in which you want to place the bead. Twist the remaining hair and spritz it with water, then thread it through the bead. Secure the bead with an elastic then braid the remainder of the strand of hair.

  • How do you ensure beads stay put in your hair?

    As outlined above, securing beads in the hair with an elastic is always a good idea. You can also use a threading tool, which will help pull hair through beads, so they stay in place.

  • Where do you buy beads for hair?

    Hair beads are available just about anywhere beauty products are sold (that means you can find them at beauty supply shops as well as stores such as Target and Wal-Mart).

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