The Best Hairstyles for Women in Their 40s, as Shown by Celebs

There's a reason we freak whenever a celebrity changes their hair (aside from the fact that, you know, we're beauty editors): A new hairstyle has transformative powers, and we're not just talking about looks. It can also change the way you feel. That's not to say the process isn't daunting—the decision to get bangs, for example, is not one to be made lightly—but once you decide to just do it, there's this exhilarating time where you embrace change. And what better time to do so than in your 40s? As you get older, you really know yourself, and with that self-discovery comes a sense of confidence that lends itself especially well to trying out a new hairstyle.

To help you choose, we tapped celebrity stylist Kendall Dorsey, who shared these hairstyles for women in their 40s. Keep scrolling to get inspired for your next salon appointment.