10 Hairstyles That Will Take You From the Beach to Brunch

It's summer hair at its finest.

Woman wrapped in a blanket at the beach

Photo by Joe Gardner on Unsplash

I've always thought of my summer style as somewhat akin to Amanda Seyfried's in Mamma Mia!. Like her character in the movie, I spend most of my time near the water (whether beach or pool), wearing little to no makeup, and let my hair do its own thing. Recently, however, I've come to realize that's wishful thinking, kind of like how spending a whole summer singing ABBA songs on a Greek island is wishful thinking. Instead of the windswept mermaid waves I dream of, exposure to chlorine and saltwater results in a flat, dull, and tangled mess. That's fine by me if I'm lazing around on the sand for the rest of the day, but I prefer to undertake some styling otherwise.

By "styling," I don't mean that I pull out heat tools and hair spray. Not even close. Sometimes it's as simple as stashing a cute and convenient hair accessory in my beach bag or plaiting my hair post-swim. The key to a perfect summer hairstyle, I've found, is simplicity—something that has an effortless and fun-loving Mamma Mia! vibe but still keeps my hair secured up and off of my face. Keep scrolling to see 10 easy ways to achieve summer hair perfection. 

Woman wearing her hair separated into four long braids

Instead of a single braid, try separating your hair into four equal parts and braiding each one down. It requires little to no effort and results in this cool-girl look. Leave the ends to puff out freely for contrast.

Woman with her hair partially pulled back into a circular clip

Speaking of hair accessories, take inspiration from Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth of the blog Honey & Silk, and pin half of your hair back with a single hair clip. It's quick, easy, and simple, yet it looks romantic and refined. Head over to her page to see the exact one she used. We like using Madewell's Chunky Circle Hair Clip ($13). 

Woman with her hair in a traditional braid

Sometimes the perfect beach-to-brunch hairstyle is as simple as a traditional three-strand plait. Add a headband (like this fresh linen one) if you please, or wear as-is. Just don't forget to run a little of Ouai Hair Oil ($28) through your mid-lengths and ends before beginning the braid. It will give it a glossy shine while it nourishes dry, sun-damaged hair.

Woman with her hair in a braid with loose ends

If the classic French braid feels a tad been-there-done-that to you, then try a French braid ponytail hybrid, as demonstrated on the La Perla runway. It's a simple twist on the traditional that gives a fresh effect. Instead of braiding the lengths of your hair all the way down, stop at the nape of your neck and tie off with a hair tie. That's it. 

Woman with curly hair in a half-up half-down hairstyle

If you have curly hair, show off your natural texture by parting it laterally and tying the top half up into a tousled ponytail as blogger Erica Lavelanet does here. Add a curl-defining product, like Ouidad Curl Recovery Defining Styling Souffle ($26). 

Vanessa Hudgens

We love a good crown braid no matter what the time of year, but it looks especially great for summer beach days or any outdoor concert.

low ponytail

Do as blogger Vic Styles does and update a standard low ponytail with a bright bold scarf. If it's wrapped securely around your hair, you don't even need a hair tie. It's low-maintenance and effortlessly chic. We like Urban Outfitters Large Silky Square Scarf ($12). 

Woman wearing braided pigtails with ribbons

I know. This is yet another braid, but braids are easy and summery, so why not? These braided pigtails are updated by threading a hair ribbon through each plait. It's simpler than it looks, too. Start by clipping in a hair ribbon on either side of your head, part your hair into three sections, and braid. That's it. Tie it off with a clear elastic at the end and you're all set. 

Woman wearing the wet hair look with bold red lips

Wet-look hair is one of the buzziest trends of summer. It makes sense, too, since it gives off an "I just came from the beach" vibe, which, if you're like me, then you actually did. It might seem complicated and hard to pull off, but it's not. For proof, watch a tutorial from Kim Kardashian West's hairstylist. 


When in doubt, go ahead and pineapple those strands! Piling all the hair high on your head protects your hair's natural texture and appears way more polished than it has any right to look. Win-win!

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