10 Hairstyles That Will Take You From the Beach to Brunch

I've always thought of my summer style as being somewhat akin to Amanda Seyfried's in Mamma Mia!. Like her character in the movie, I spend most of my time near the water (whether beach or pool), wearing little to no makeup, and letting my hair do its own thing. Recently, however, I've come to realize that that's wishful thinking, kind of like how spending a whole summer singing ABBA songs on a Greek island is wishful thinking. Instead of the windswept mermaid waves I dream of, exposure to chlorine and salt water results in a flat, dull, and tangled mess. That's fine by me if I'm lazing around on the sand for the rest of the day, but I prefer to undertake some sort of styling otherwise.

By "styling," I don't mean that I pull out heat tools and hair spray. Not even close. Sometimes it's as simple as stashing a cute and convenient hair accessory in my beach bag or plaiting my hair post-swim. The key to a perfect summer hairstyle, I've found, is simplicity—something that has an effortless and fun-loving Mamma Mia! vibe but still keeps my hair secured up and off of my face.