35 Flattering Hairstyles for Round Faces

Updated 05/07/19
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The Best Hairstyles for a Round Face

Emma Stone hairstyles
Emma Stone shows off a great hairstyle for a round face. Jason Kempin // Getty Images

Many women with round faces want to camouflage the roundness, rather than highlight it. The secret to a great hairstyle on a round face is to create the illusion of length and that can be done by finding the right haircut.

From long to short and curly to straight, there are many great styles that can flatter a round face. Keep in mind that your face shape isn't the only factor you should consider when opting for a new hairstyle. Your hair texture and personality are just as important.

This cut on Emma Stone works beautifully with her round face for a few reasons:

  • Long hair is gorgeous on round faces because it lengthens the face. Your best cuts will fall a few inches below the chin or longer. Stone's cut skims her collarbone and "the ends aren't quite blunt or layered," says her hairstylist, Mara Roszak in Allure magazine. Roszak snipped vertically into the bottom inch.
  • She has long, choppy layers. The shortest layer should never be above your earlobe and ideally should fall at your chin, like Stone's does. Layers that are too short add volume to the sides of the face, making it appear even rounder. Stone's layers are blended in so well that you can't tell they're there. "I cut into the ends of each layer to make them all blend together," Roszak told Allure.
  • Long, side-swept bangs create angles on a round face. "We went for long bangs that hit around her cheekbone," says Roszak. "They angle down from there, which makes them fall nicely with the rest of her hair."
  • Gentle waves deflect the roundness of the face, so if you have natural wave in your hair (as most women do), allow your hair to do its natural thing. Scrunch hair as it dries so it retains some of its waves. You can also help it along by wrapping your hair around the barrel of a large curling iron as Stone's stylist did here.
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Long, Straight Hair

Mila Kunis. Frederick M. Brown for Getty

Long hair always looks great on a round face. This style is flattering because long hair creates the illusion of length in the face and the straight hair doesn't add body to the sides. In fact, the curtain effect has a nice way of slimming a round face.

Also, note her center part. "If you want to wear a center part, the way to make it work for a round face is to have hair a few inches past your shoulders with layers that hit at the jaw," says hairstyle Chris McMillan in Allure. "Ask your stylist to cut in a bit on the sides to create subtle angles."

To get pin-straight hair like this, you will need a flat iron.

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Amazing Long Waves

Pop singer Sofia Reyes attends the 4th Annual People en Espanol Festival at Jacob Javitz Center on October 18, 2015 in New York City. Photo by Mireya Acierto/FilmMagic

Most women have some natural wave in their hair. If you have a round face, let your natural waves out and add more in with a curling iron.

To bring out your natural wave, wash your hair then apply a salt spray and comb it through. Let your hair air dry. As it's drying, take your hair into your palm and squeeze it. 

To get absolutely perfect waves, you will need a curling iron. Wind your hair around the barrel, leaving the ends out and start by winding hair away from the face.

Once your hair is dried, you can play with it. Twist it, pin it back, or create little braids and pin those back. The versatility is half the fun of keeping your hair long.

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Waves are Better Than Curls

Mila Kunis. Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Long waves are flattering to a round face because they visually elongate the face, which is a great thing. Waves are better on a round face than curls, which makes a round face seem even wider.

If you have curly hair, ask your stylist to remove some of the volume. You can also try to grow it out. The longer curly hair is, the more the curls are weighed down.

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Make Curly Hair Work

Myleen Klass
Myleen Klass shows off a great hairstyle for a round face. Chris Jackson // Getty Images

Curls work great with round faces as long as the curl begins below the lips or chin. Again, you don't want to add width to the sides of the face.

It's highly recommended that you look for a stylist who specializes in cutting curly hair. Curly hair is great when it's cut while dry because the stylist can see where the curls fall naturally.

Your stylist may need to thin out your hair with layers or a razor to tame the fullness. You may also consider straightening your hair or taming your curls into waves with the help of relaxers and curling irons.

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The Best Bangs for a Round Face

Katherine McPhee's is perfect for her round face shape. Lester Cohen for Getty Images

Bangs can complement the feminine, delicate features of a round face. The key is in the cut. InStyle magazine suggests you ask for a "graphic, curved shape...and be sure bangs are thick."

These bangs fit that description perfectly. They are shorter in the middle and longer on the sides.

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Side-Swept Bangs

Emma Stone with long hair (left) and short hair (right). Getty Images

Emma Stone has a naturally round face and here she is shown in two different hairstyles with one thing in common: side-swept bangs. The bangs bring the eye over and down, creating the appearance of angles on what is otherwise a soft, rounded face.

Side-swept bangs look best when they hit at the cheekbone on a woman with a round face. 

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Long With a Middle Part


Parting your hair in the middle is an excellent option for women with round faces. This allows the hair to fall in a curtain on either side of the face and effectively thins the face. It works best if your hair is longer than your chin.

Long layers cut in with the shortest layer hitting at the jawline also helps. This gives the illusion of angles, which is good on a round face.

This is also a low-maintenance look. It can be a wash-and-go style for every day but still offers plenty of styling opportunities for special events.

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Side-Swept Bangs and Long Hair

Kirsten Dunst. Getty Images: R, Vittorio Zunino Celotto

If you have straight hair and a round face, consider adding long, side-swept bangs. They will add angles and length to your rounder shape. When paired with a nice length, layers that begin near the shoulder, and beautiful highlights to add volume, the look is fabulous.

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Va-Va-Va-Voom 'Do

Kate Upton. Dimitrios Kambouris for Getty Images

If you need inspiration for great round face hairstyles, Kate Upton has probably worn it. She is the perfect example of this face shape and, since she is a model, you'll find plenty of different looks on her.

This style is another great one for long hair. Her hair is backcombed and teased so it's full of body on top of her head and it cascades thickly down her back.

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Shoulder-Length Hair

Olivia Munn hairstyles
Olivia Munn shows off a great hairstyle for a round face. Frazer Harrison // Getty Images

Shoulder-length hairstyles are universally flattering on all face shapes. This casual style looks great on a round face. It has some length to elongate the face and the face-framing waves slim the cheekbones ever so slightly.

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Boho Chic Waves

Actress Stef Dawson. Getty: Paul Archuleta, Mike Pont, Ben Gabbe

Wavy hair is gorgeous when worn long. It also offers many opportunities to play with your style. It can be left long and natural or braided and wrapped elegantly around your head. You can also simply let your braid drape over your shoulder in a playful way. All of these are great on a round face and have a sort of boho chic style.

You can also see how actress Stef Dawson plays with her bangs. Sometimes they're thick and blunt and at other times they're swept off to the side.

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A Gorgeous Braid

WireImage for Getty Images

This is a gorgeous hairstyle for a round face shape. Maria Menounos wears her thick, coarse, long hair in a braid that runs up and over her head. It is trendy and gorgeous and adds volume to the top of the head.

Braids are not just for kids. You can wear them well into your 30s and 40s. Many older women are absolutely gorgeous with a braid as well.

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Wear Your Hair in an Updo

Kate Upton with a round face. Getty Images

Women with round faces can wear updos to formal events and this look is a great option for a classic updo. Note how pulling the bangs up high creates the illusion of an elongated face.

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Add Height, Not Width

Kiersey Clemons. Getty Images: Jim Spellman

With round faces, we talk a lot about elongating the face. While you can do that with long hair, it's also possible with short hair. The key is to go up and not out.

Many African American women enjoy their natural hair and a look like this is perfect for a round face. The volume is added up top and the sides are kept really close, so it has a fantastic shape overall.

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A Sexy Pixie

Alicia Quarles hair
Alicia Quarles shows off a great hairstyle for a round face. Larry Busacca // Getty Images

Not all pixie hairstyles will look great on a round face shape, but this one works beautifully because it adds lift at the top of the head, elongating a round face. "All those little pieces help emphasize the cheekbones and eyes; it's almost as if you build in cheekbones with this cut," says stylist Jimmy Paul in Allure.

You'll also notice how her bangs are swept to the side and the longest length is framing her face. Both of these elements add to the cut's slimming effect, which is why it works so well.

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Gabrielle Union

Actress Gabrielle Union attends the The Paley Center For Media hosts a tribute to African-American achievements in television at Cipriani Wall Street on May 13, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Jim Spellman/WireImage)

For a medium-length hairstyle with a round face, this is a great cut for black women. Long layers give it dimension and the choppy cut looks beautiful with relaxed or natural hair. The waves soften it and are created with the barrel of a curling iron.

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3 Lengths, 5 Months, One Round Face

Elise Neal in 3 hairstyles. Getty: David Livingston, David Livingston, Rachel Murray

This is Elise Neal sporting three different hair lengths in five months. All are flattering to her round face. What's nice about black hair and weaves is that you can change it up every few months, providing you have the money. Weaves are expensive.

If you can't afford to change your look this often, her various looks are sure to provide inspiration for something that does fit into your budget.

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Short Haircuts Can Be Tricky

Ginnifer Goodwin hairstyle
Actress Ginnifer Goodwin shows off a great hairstyle for a round face. Getty Images left by Michael Buckner, right by Frederick M. Brown

Short haircuts are tricky on round faces because many add width to the sides of the face—a no-no for round faces. You will find it best to avoid jaw-length bobs, especially if you were also blessed with a short neck. Any blunt cut at the chin will accentuate roundness.

If you opt for short hair, make sure you have layers cut in and avoid short hair that falls flat on the side. The longer bangs on this edgy cut add definition to Ginnifer Goodwin's gorgeous delicate features.

A few products will help keep your style as well. Something like Bumble and Bumble's Thickening Spray can add volume, as can a texture spray like Big Sexy Hair Flip it Over. A styling gel will help keep flyaways down and hold your hair in place. Philip B makes one that is highly recommended.

You may also want to use a pomade. InStyle magazine named Bumble and Bumble Sumotech the best pomade on the market. It holds hair in place without making it sticky or stiff.

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A Great Pixie

Michelle Williams pixie haircut. Chelsea Lauren (l) and Frazer Harrison (r) for Getty Images

The pixie typically doesn't flatter a round face. If you can elongate your face by wearing short bangs sticking up or grown down in a side-sweep, then the pixie can be gorgeous. This particular pixie also adds layers on top to give the thinner hair extra volume.

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An Older Edgy Pixie

Kris Jenner
Kris Jenner. Google Images

The pixie works with almost all hair textures and it looks great on women of all ages.

The key to a great pixie is to get some angles cut into it. Some pixies that fall to flat to the head can look like a helmet. You will also want to add volume with volumizing mousses and sprays and make sure your stylist cuts in long bangs that you can sweep to the side. 

Before you jump on the pixie bandwagon, ask yourself:

  • What is your personality like? Do you like attention? If you are the sort who hides behind her hair or hates attention, think twice before hitting the salon.
  • Are you ready for a big change? If you hate your pixie, it may take months or even years to grow back, so keep this in mind before you get the chop.
  • Do you mind salon visits? If you hate going to the salon, a pixie might not be for you. It's one of the most high maintenance cuts. You'll need a trim every four to six weeks to keep your hair looking fresh.
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Round Faces Age Well

Angela Rippon in gray hair and colored hair. Getty Images

Many older women wear their hair short. But if you have a round face, it's important you choose a hairstyle that's flattering on you. Lots of volume on top can really bring new life to a shorter cut.

One great fact about having a round face is that women who share your face shape tend to age well, according to celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Tony Youn on MSNBC. "Women with rounder faces, typically are much slower to show their age than women with longer faces, since they tend to retain the fullness and softness of youth."

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Going Short With Style

Cameron Diaz hairstyles
Cameron Diaz shows off a great hairstyle for a round face. Tim Whitby // Getty Images

Cameron Diaz is proof that rules are meant to be broken. Typically, bobs and short cuts, in general, don't look good on round face shapes, but this particular bob looks fantastic on her naturally round face. Her side-swept bangs add angles to her hairstyle and her hair is very straight so it doesn't add width to the sides of her head.

Going short isn't for the faint of heart. Diaz revealed in early 2012 on the Jay Leno Show that she wasn't very happy with her short bob when she first got it. Turns out it was much shorter than she expected.

"I just burst into tears and started crying, and I felt so vulnerable," Diaz told Leno. Apparently, Diaz was so upset, she yelled, which made her stylist cry. "I ended up writing her a few emails after, the next couple days, assuring her I wasn't going to kill her," Diaz said.

Diaz wore her hair short for about a year before she began growing it out.

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Pull Off a Bob

Kirsten Dunst has a round face, but you wouldn't know if from the picture to the right. Images: left by Jason Kempin, right by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Kirsten Dunst has a naturally round face and both of these hairstyles work well on her. However, the longer length is just a little more appealing because it lengthens her face.

You can get away with a piece-y long bob like this, too. Make sure the bob hits at least a couple inches below the chin and that it's styled imprecisely. 

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A Classic Long Bob

Sunny Mabrey. Tibrina Hobson for Getty

The long bob (aka "lob") is the ideal length for round faces. It is usually cut an inch or two longer than the jawline and flatters a round face because of the length. It also works on all hair textures, from straight and fine to wavy and thick.

This is an extremely versatile haircut as well. You can wear it straight and flat-ironed and it's great for wash-and-go girls because it air dries well. If you don't have natural waves, you can create them with a curling iron. 

For a more modern bob, make sure the back of the cut is shorter than the front and the ends have texture and are wispy. Texture and  angle add interest to what can be an otherwise boring style.

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Carla Zampatti's Long Bob is Perfect on Her Round Face

Carla Zampatti. Getty Images

This long bob on fashion designer Carla Zampatti defies age. Zampatti's hair is thick, has a beautiful sheen and color and is very flattering on her round face.

The side-swept bangs add angles and soften features and it doesn't have too much body. This length also accents her long neck with elegance. If you have a shorter neck, try not to let the bob hit right at your jawline. Go a little longer or shorter.

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You Can Wear a Classic Bob

Stylish woman in Japan
Photo by Alfie Goodrich/Getty Images

If you have the right features, you can wear a classic chin-length bob. This one works really well on a rounder Asian face because she has such delicate features, super sleek hair, and a great skin tone that contrasts her darker hair. It's breaking the rules, but it's a fabulous way to do it.

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The Shag

Mandy Moore in a shag. Frazer Harrison for Getty Images

Beyond the bob, you can also go with the shag cut if it falls below your chin. "A round face looks really good with an uneven cut, meaning a mix of lengths," says hairstylist Chris McMillan in Allure.

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Flaunt Your Ringlets

Actress Keri Russell at the premiere of Disney's 'Bedtime Stories' December 18, 2008. Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images

If you have a round face and curly hair, it's best not to cut your hair chin-length because it accentuates the roundness. This cut is just long enough but would look even better on a round face if allowed to grow out a few inches.

Keri Russell's curls have been tamed here, her natural hair is much curlier. If you have a round face, you can tame your curls by wrapping your hair around a large-barreled curling iron. This creates bigger curls, rather than the small spirals.

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A Punk Cut

Kelly Osbourne
Kelly Osbourne's lilac purple mohawk. FilmMagic and WireImage for Getty Images

The lilac pompadour was a fun look on Kelly Osbourne. The cut is incredibly dramatic and attention-getting but can be worn in several different ways. It works beautifully with Osbourne's round face because it adds a ton of volume to the top of her head. 

So who can get away with a punk cut? The key here lies in your personality and your hair texture. You need to have a bit of edge in your dress and personality to pull off a funky cut.

As for hair texture, if you see a cut you like, consider if your hair texture can handle it. Fine hair will fall flat without some products and curly hair will pouf up if it's cut too straight. Consult with a stylist before you commit to a funky cut.

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Funky Waves

Funky waves
Google Images

Embracing your hair texture is important. Otherwise, you will be a slave to styling tools while trying to get the opposite of what you have naturally. This funky, edgy cut on Betty Who, an Australian singer-songwriter, is perfect for women with hair that has some natural wave in it and the personality to go with it.

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A Classic Round Face

Charlize Theron. Getty: Mike Marsland, Steve Granitz, Jason Merritt

Choosing a hairstyle for your round face can be a challenge. However, as we've seen, you have many great looks to choose from. 

For just a little more inspiration, here are three flattering haircuts on Charlize Theron, who has a naturally round baby face. You would never know it because she chooses flattering cuts which elongate her face. But when she wears her hair in a bun or ponytail, you can see that her face is round.

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