10 Pretty, No-Heat Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Sure, hot tools can come in handy, but when used on the regular, there's potential for damaged strands (not to mention the fact that they can take up quite a bit time in the morning). Since we’d rather not spend hours in the bathroom styling and frying our hair, we compiled some of the best no-heat hairstyles for natural hair on Pinterest. 

Want to show off your volume? Try adding a hair accessory into the mix. Looking for a polished style that's appropriate for the office? Braid your bangs into a textured bun. Or perhaps you want to show off your curls. If so, we highly recommend piling them into a messy topknot with a few face-framing ringlets. No matter the style you chose, these 10 no-heat hairstyles will amplify the beauty that is your natural texture.

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